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Changing your idea of what robots can do.

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Automate data capture
and inspection


Mobile, automated case handling for more efficient warehouse operations.

About Us

Torus Robotics is a recognised and renowned market leader in the design, development, and manufacture of cooperationproducts that serve to augment and transform team and mission capabilities, to make informed decisions, increase safety and productivity, and expand reach and access.

Our Company is all about Sustainable mobility and being upfront in the synergy without compromise in the vehicles that are intuitive, liberating and designed for all ways people get around.We aim to provide innovative robotic solutions to every engineering problem. Our innovative models, conceptualised and created in India, save time, labour and materials while enhancing quality, precision, and productivity.Torus Robotics, place an exceptionally high priority on efficiencySo, every Torus Product promises to deliver exceptional range without sacrificing high performance or sublime comfort. Harnessing our proprietary technologies and capacity for innovation, Torus has always played a key role in designing and building synergy products.

Through our key products like UGV and Axial flux motors, we intend to accelerate sustainable energy development by incorporating the axial flux motor proprietary technology into our products in satisfying the customer’s needs. Our mission is to catalyse the shift to sustainable way of engineering with our wide range of products.

Torus strives to meet the actual demands of its customers. Our primary goal is the about our commitments that we must innovate to find efficient and reliable solutions, and to support our customers when they operate our technical solutions.

We are equippedwith visionaries which understands that solutions are not delivered successfully by doing things differently to everyone else. But by doing what everyone else is doing; and doing it better, faster, more efficiently, effectively, and affordably than everyone else. The company has always been at the forefront of innovation ever since it was established. It has built up the trust of its customers owing to the reliability and performance of its solutions, at minimum cost. Right now, our R&D teams are imagining robotics systems for the year 2030, to meet our customers’ needs even more effectively.



We are a local brand with global descent.

Our growth is nurtured by an ecosystem of national and international, private, and public sector units where is a winner.

Our People

Our people are our most valuable assets. They are agile in implementing and executing the innovative developments that the world is witnessing and make us future ready and effective. We address the pain points and curate best methods and technology that enable, assure, and ensure the customer’s satisfaction. It is these qualities, demonstrated every day by our employees, which conveys that Torus Robotics can enable, assure, and protect our customers’ interests.

In a class all by itself

We as a company are renowned in offering top-class products and solutions. We use our expertise in science and technology, evaluated research methods, and special, purpose-built facilities to offer services and products that satisfy the requirements of a wide range of customers. Our main markets of operation are defence and automotive sectors.