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We are company with young and energetic people working on R&D (Research and developmemts) on Unmanned vehicles,Motors,Robotics and Mechanics. Would you have any new idea for Research developments and you need an extra hand or knowledge for solutions,then you are in correct place

"Our first unmanned ground vehicle"

Our first project is with Indian army. unmanned ground vehicle with flexibile moving arm to move the load.
Our vehicle was placed Aero space exhibition, 2021 in Bengaluru.

Chennai-based start-up Torus Robotics is manufacturing Unmanned Ground Vehicles to help ferry heavy loads for the Indian Army

How can we help you?

You have ideas to develop a new projects on test basis.But you don’t have time or current knowledge to try and role out the projects. In this place we come for help. We give you solutions and help you to take the projects for development.

To know more about our works ,please have a walk thru on our About Us page and acheviements.

If you feel we are the rite person for your developments please contact us or give us your details we will call you back.

In short we do Research for your ideas/innovation and help you to keep going for production.

Thank you for visiting us. We are really happy to work with you and taking up new challenges.


Torusrobotics guide you with the details for the development of your research ideas.We provide you the details and necessary plan for developing your reserach ideas.

Our main work focus is on unmanned ground vehicles,Robotics -Defence,Automotive and consumer markets.

Analyze And Design

We analyze the process.In case of automation we work with 3D models for deep understanding.Provide all the details for the design requierements.

In case of structure development we provide help on spare parts procurement.Also will do modification if the ideas demand .

Since its a Research and Development projects.The anaylsis and needs demand different approach in every projects.


We merge the ideas and design in the development process. Here comes the testing process, success rate and taking the research ideas live and also working on the mass production.

You will be happy to see your innovative ideas working which in turn improves your market and demand for new developments.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh at the Aero India 2021 in Bengaluru, with Torus Robotics

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Torusrobotics is India’s First and Youngest Defence Startup to Indigenously Design, Develop and Deliver India’s Largest Fully Electric Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV), equipped with a 6 DOF Robotic arm, for detection, identification and disposal of life menacing unidentified objects, to the Indian Defence.

Torus Robotics Pvt Ltd is proud and privileged to be a part of #StartupMathan program by IDEX-DIO at the #AeroExpo2021.

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"Amazing Designs and Quality Work!"

Extremely delighted to have Hon’ble Defence Secretary Dr. Ajay Kumar tweeting about our startup and giving us the proud recognition.

"This chennai based startup builds unmanned ground vehicles for the Indian army"

Meet Our Leadership

Meet our fun filled,excited and highly technical leaders,who are the very reason for the Birth of Torusrobotics Pvt ltd.They belive in innovation and know the importance of Research and Development.

Main qualities of our leaders is they are cool headed techs.If you have any new innovation or unsolvable technical problems then our leaders have answers.

Torusrobotics leadres know how to play in the Research and Development field.They have the experience from the college.

Our leaders are very much excited to hear your ideas for developmet.Have a chat with our leaders and you will know the projects is in perfect hand.

Abbhi Vignesh

Cheif technical officer - Meet our technical head.He have solutions for any innovative ideas.He likes to deal with creativity.Peers call our Technical head in fun way as "Motor head" which means -Thinks the solution in every rotation and in a consistent way .

Our technical officer belives in self learning and he says If you are willing to be a self-learner, you will develop yourself.” 



Co-Founder - Meet our co-founder and business analyst. Our Co-Founder have good technical knowledge and he able to explain and understand the ideas in business and technical perspective.He bridges the gap between Business and technical Develeopment.Peers call him as "Answer-Desk"

Our co-Founder says "It never gets easier, you just get better."


Founder - Meet our founder who is responsible for Finance.As the finance name suggests nothing goes away from his knowledge. Our peers call him as "Teacher with scale" because he chases everyone with his tight financial goal.
He handles everything as a breeze.

Our founder says "It's not how much money you make but how much money you keep."

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